Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blobtoon #17 ~ Public Transportation ~_~

The bus I ride regularly to rehearsals has been super-crowded lately, for reasons I have yet to figure out. Also, I am too short to hold onto the overhead bars/straps, and just tall enough for everyone's backpack/bag to be the right height for whacking me in the face. YAY X)

Copic Sketch + Multiliner

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blobtoon #16 ~ TraLaLaLaLaaaa!

I've been spending more time doing musical things lately (before tech week for Coppelia took over my life), and really been enjoying it a lot. I've bought myself a pink ukulele and learned to play it, and recently come up with my own piano + vocal arrangements of a couple of songs, as well as guitar + vocal arrangements for some others. And of course one or two with the ukulele (although I sure wish it would stay in tune better). Yay music!

Copic Sketch + Multiliner

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blobtoon #15 ~ How Do I Into Apartments?

I had forgotten how much I hate apartment-hunting, since I've lived in the same one for a couple years now. But now I need a new one, and once again, the painful process ensues T_T

Copic Sketch + Multiliner

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Our second exercise in children's illustration was the creation of transformation books. These are simple 3-page books built around the concept of [equilibrium --> disequilibrium --> equilibrium].

This was directly after the stenciling exercise, so we were instructed to make use of that technique to some extent in the creation of our books.

When we presented our books to the class, we did it with sound effects for each page, rather than using words to describe/tell the story. So I will proceed to attempt a recreation of my sound effects through text here!

1. Boing ... Boing ... Boing ... Boing ... Boing ...

2. Boingboingboingboingboingboingboingboing... ... HMM?

3. BoingBOING! BoingBOING! BoingBOING! BoingBOING! BoingBOING!

I definitely had a lot of fun making this little book. Also, it's my first book! Haha the sound of that feels a little funny to say ^_^