Monday, October 6, 2014

Project 365 // 015 - 021

One day late, I know... o(v_v;;)o

015 / 365: I love astronomy, and I had been wanting some sailor elements to add to my wardrobe, and this series satisfied all of those! The print details are absolutely gorgeous, and I'm very glad I decided to go with navy instead of black or sax blue.

016 / 365: This year's My Little Pony Annual, now with 20% more superhero ponies! I definitely enjoyed it <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

017 / 365: Fall is coming, and all the green things are beginning to wither away into winter mode. However, this little rosebush in my apartment's courtyard is still a nice bright spot of color!

018 / 365: Candles make me feel cozy, especially sweet-smelling ones like this one. They're perfect to light on colder nights!

019 / 365: All of the ponies! I finally got all of the compilation volumes for the official My Little Pony comic thus far, and I am now all caught up on the stories!

020 / 365: Hanging out in weekend drawthreads is my new favorite thing, despite some frustrations with ungrateful requesters. I feel bad that I don't draw as well as they expect, but I'm trying to learn and get better! Cute bunnies are cute, and cute boys in bunny hoodies are even cuter ^w^

021 / 365: Ever since I started using Clip Studio Paint (I got it because it was on SUPER sale), my lines have felt a lot more comfortable. Practice, with a bit of help from input stabilization software does wonders! I'm pretty pleased with how the final version of this sketch turned out.

May all of your next weeks be filled with happy cuddly things!!